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Blog Commenting Software: Fast Blog Finder

Blog Commenting Software or Fast Blog Finder Software There is spamming (auto) blog commenting software that would destroy your reputation and make you a nuisance to other web users if you made use of it, and then there is the simpler blog commenting software that merely speeds up the process you’d be using in any [...]


Blog Comments Bring Free Visitors

There’s an interesting post over at on how to get visitors for free from blog comment posting in the right way (i.e. not spamming!) A useful tip given there is to use an rss reader to keep track of the blogs you want to interact with, which also gives you up to the minute [...]


Comment Posting Software Equals Comment Spam

Comment Posting Software = spam = not being successful… There was a comment left on one of the posts on yesterday trying to inform me that I could get thousands of backlinks per day (!) through automatic comment posting software that leaves comments on thousands of websites. I deleted it. When will people wise [...]