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Ten More Places to Submit Your Articles

Ten more places where you can submit your articles Submitting your articles to article directories is a great way to promote your online business or website, without loads of hassle. Not only does it get backlinks and traffic to your website but it also improves your writing and can get you well known as an [...]


Use Keyword Suggestion Tools Part 2

How to Use Keyword Suggestion Tools, Part 2 By Mjad (Read Keyword Suggestion Tools Part 1 here.) Using Keywords in the Name of Your Page, Title and Content You need a strong title with a reasonably-scoring keyword phrase forming part of it to get the best results in the search engines. Say for instance that [...]


Top Ten Article Directories To Submit Your Articles

Today we have a post on the top ten article directories from a guest blogger, Mjad. Enjoy! Top Ten Article Directories To Submit Your Articles To by Mjad In this post I will explore which are the top ten article directories as I see it. There are hundreds of free article directories, but I have [...]


How to Write an Article

How to write an article for your web site or for article marketing — some pointers. As we probably all know, the best way to write an article is to draw upon your extensive knowledge of a subject in which you are a specialist. However, many people starting out with article marketing are not exactly [...]


Beyond Free Article Directory Submissions

Once you understand that free article directories submissions are one of your best ways to get traffic and quality incoming links to your website (and of course, the more quality links the more traffic) then you can go beyond just submitting your articles to article directories. Here are a couple of ways to do this. [...]


Article Marketing Strategies and Duplicate Content Filters

How Article Marketing Strategies Must Change to Meet the Challenge of Duplicate Content Filters What is the best article marketing strategy? Should you submit your articles to just one article directory, several, or hundreds of directories? Traditionally, if one can use that word in connection with the Internet, the strategy of article marketers was to [...]