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Website Promotion Strategies To Avoid!

So-called ‘website promotion methods’ you definitely should not use

The methods below can variously result in you getting masses of spam into your inbox, losing funds that could have been used effectively elsewhere, getting your website demoted in the search engine rankings, losing visitors and even in extreme cases getting shutdown by your ISP. (For methods that do work read the numerous advice pages at

The best advice is to stay away from:

* FFA (Free for All) Links Sites (Example Problems: your link is lost among thousands; your link doesn’t last; you’ll get masses of emails)

* Link Farms (Example Problems: search engines hate them)

* Paid Search Engine Submission Services (Example Problems: not worth the money because the spiders will find you anyway)

* Paid Hits Sites (Example Problems: the hits you receive are not full page views of your site)

* PPC and Adwords in particular (these are perfectly respectable and legitimate methods, but will suck your bank account dry unless you are very experienced and really know exactly what you are doing)

* ‘Submitter Software’ that submits your link to lots of sites (Example Problems: duplicate anchor text reproduced everywhere; being a nuisance to sites submitted to, etc.)

* Anything that sounds too good to be true — it usually is.

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And lastly, though it shouldn’t need to be said as it should be obvious to everyone, never be tempted to get involved in spam. For the tiny minority of you who have no ethics and are easily taken in by false marketing claims and so ARE tempted, you should know that spamming costs other internet users real time and real money, so it is VERY anti-social, VERY anti-business ethics and it CAN only result in the end of your online presence or business sooner or later.

Also there are some methods that are not particularly anti-social or bad, but are just pretty ineffective for most people trying to get visitors to their websites. These include (in my opinion — but don’t take offence if you do use them effectively), traffic exchanges and banner exchanges. This is mainly because the visitors you may get from such methods will be untargetted.

To find out what methods really work very effectively to build your website visitors read the website traffic strategies pages here at Not only read them, but put the methods into practice (knowledge without implementation equals no more traffic than before).

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