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Web 2.0 Tools to Create Traffic

Tools to create traffic to your website easily
- a simple step-by-step method that works

Here’s an easy step-by step method
to generating visitors to your site. It comes from our
guest author Ryan Matthews and he intends it for use
by affiliate marketers who are trying to get traffic
to a new site or landing page and want tools that create
traffic. However, this method will work just as well
for any website, new or established.

Many of our visitors at
will know of the idea of using free Web 2.0 sites to
set up content and links that sends traffic back to
your site, as well as increasing your ranking in the
search engines through adding one way links. This is
the basis of Ryan’s method, but there’s much more to
it – more on that in a moment.

These Web 2.0 sites are the
‘tools’ we are talking about in our page title, ‘Tools
to Create Traffic to a Website That Work." And
they do work. Successful website owners and marketers
are using these methods to create large amounts of traffic
as you read this. Now all you have to do is copy Ryan’s
methods and apply them to your site.

But, what is special about Ryan’s
method of creating traffic using web 2.0 sites? The
answer is two-fold. What he is providing here is an
easy-to-follow step by step approach and a very
thorough use of the method that makes use of the best
and most effective Web 2.0 sites. A step-by-step approach,
a ‘formula’ if you like, is always attractive as it
removes doubt, provides what to do at each stage and
simplifies a process. Plus Ryan is utilizing the very
best of the Web 2.0 free sites in an interesting way
that you may not be applying yourself, even if you do
use the basics of the general method.

Read Ryan’s traffic creation
method below, apply it to your website and watch your
visitor stats soar.

Affiliate Marketing Bonus – The Secret Traffic Explosion

By Ryan

This method makes use of your main affiliate site and other free to use web 2.0 sites and ultimately combining good content and RSS linking. You will soon learn how to setup a strong and secure network of sites pointing back to your main affiliate site… ultimately resulting in better search rankings via gaining more backlinks and a extreme traffic explosion – Free that is!

OK so here we go, and be sure to experiment and play around with different
web 2.0 sites adding more to strengthen your network.

Start off by first creating your pre sell affiliate page, whether you are deciding
to use a hubpage, squidoo or hosted site as your main
aff site… that’s up to you.

1. Create 5 x 300 word articles that are keyword rich and targeted towards your niche or main affiliate site. Make sure your articles have compelling titles and that they consist of the targeted keywords. Also add those keywords in your opening-and-closing paragraph, as well as a few times in the body. The content needs to spark the visitor to take action, thats VIP!!

2. Now let’s say you will be making use of a hosted presell page as your main affiliate site which all else will be linking to. Then Create a good quality Squidoo Lens for first inline traffic… adding one of the five articles as content. Make sure link back to your main affiliate site via your targeted keyword. Then add your RSS feed to, ping over at and use to bookmark.

3. Now head over to HubPages and add content from your second article as well as a link to your main affiliate site with your targeted keyword. Add your Squidoo RSS feed to your Hub. Then add your HubPage RSS feed to, ping over at and use to bookmark.

4. Create a blogger blog and add the content from the third article as well as your targeted keyword link pointing towards your main affiliate site. Then add your Squidoo RSS feed to your blogger blog. Now add your HubPage RSS feed to, ping over at and use to bookmark.

5. Head over to and add the fourth article to your wordpress blog along with a link pointing back to your main affiliate site. Also add your squidoo RSS feed to the blog… Then add your wordpress blog’s RSS feed to, ping over at and use to bookmark.

6. Take the final article and submit it to Ezine and Go-Articles – Link back towards your Squidoo lens as well as your main affiliate page. If you want you can also take the ezine article link or RSS feed and add it to each of your blogger, hubpage and wordpress blogs so that it gets more traffic and backlinks. Resulting it to also rank better.

7. Now head over to and add all 5 individual articles. Make sure to link back to your squidoo lens as well as linking back to your main affiliate page.

8. Go and make a post on Twitter announcing that you have just submitted and article to ezine etc + provide url. Also announce to the twitter audience about the 5 Scribd articles.

9. Finally use a $1 service that will enable you to quickly submit a video to 16 different sites including youtube, metacafe, dailymotion and more. This will provide you with more overall views + traffic and by placing your main affiliate sites link in the description you get backlink love.

Extra Tips to Add Bulk to your Network…

* To make your network even more bulky and powerful make use of Craigslist, Forums and by commenting on relevant blogs. Only linking back to your first in line squidoo page and main affiliate site. This will grant your sites more backlinks and extra traffic that surges through and ultimately results in more sales!!

* Make use of yahoo answers – providing you with a quality backlink pointing back towards your squidoo lens and main affiliate page.

* Also remember to add relevant and sufficient tags to your hubpages, blogs or squidoo lenses…

For more groundbreaking tips, tricks and affiliate money making techniques visit AffiliateTeachings – the leader in affiliate training websites, where normal affiliates get turned into Power Affiliates.

Best regards,


Article Source:—The-Secret-Traffic-Explosion-Method&id=1187557

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  1. Sam says:

    Cool I think I’ll try that… well done

  2. Mac says:

    Hi Lawre,

    Just one question, What is web 2.0? Everyones talking about it and I’m just going along with it but I don’t know what it is.

    Please reply soon so I can talk about web 2.0 as well.



  3. Lawre says:

    Mac, Web 2.0 sites have interactivity and often include elements such as video. Blogs are an example of Web 2.0 because they allow comments and replies to comments such as this one.

  4. cicurug says:

    i will try to this method, nice share, thank you

  5. kurye says:

    Web 2.0 Tools to Create Traffic great article thank you.

  6. john cowburn says:

    Really excellent article Lawre.

    One query: In each of the nine stages, do you use the same targetted keyword phrase – say for title of squidoo lens, Hub, blogger blog, wordpress blog and ezine article etc and then do the same thing all over again with a different keyword phrase – so building the tyraffic flow for each keyword you want to target?

  7. Lawre says:

    John, You could of course do it in various ways, but the approach you suggest (using the same targetted keyword phrase) would certainly strengthen the traffic flow, I agree. If you do this try to keep the keyword phrase at the beginning of each title, and vary the later words in the title so that each instance does not have exactly the same title.

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