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Places to Make Free Web Pages

One way to improve your web site traffic is to write new content and place it on new web pages outside your main site. Naturally you must link from these new pages to pages on your main site (but don’t just link to the index page).

There are places where you can make free web pages yet still benefit from this technique, especially if Google Page Rank (PR) is passable from the other site to your own through the link.

‘Google Juice’ or ‘Google Luv’, some call it, but PR is just a calculation Google uses based on how many incoming links your site has and where those links are coming from (you want them on high PR sites with as few links as possible on the page where your link appears). Our guest blogger, Sam Dyer, has compiled a list of places (especially for where you can put up free web pages.

Places to Make Free Web Pages
By Sam Dyer

In this article I list and explain places for making absolutely free web pages. I tell you the Google Page Rank of these sites, an example of what your new web address would be if you built a web page using the site, whether it has ads, whether or not the web page building site name is very prominent or not on your page and also if it will pass page rank on to your web site through links to your site.

Make Lenses (their name for single web pages), no themes, has the squidoo logo and site navigation. Squidoo lenses should pass page rank from Squidoo because the address of your lens would be along the lines of, so your Squidoo lens will pass on page rank as it is not a subdomain.

Make whole website, choose themes (templates) and have your own site navigation. Free option has adverts at top and there are paid options as well. The web address of your Webs site would be Your ‘Webs’ site will not pass on page rank as it is a sub domain.

Wet Paint
Again make whole web sites rather than building individual pages and choose themes but it is a bit more obvious that it is a WetPaint site as it says at the top ‘WetPaint site’ and it also has ads at the top on the free option. It has a list on the right of the WetPaint members that have contributed to the site and the themes all make it clear that this is WetPaint. Your address if you set up a site would be a subdomain of WetPaint, so PR will not pass from your WetPaint site.

With Weebly you can create a whole site, choose out of a variety of themes and with the free option there are no ads. The only trace of Weebly on the pages is a little bit of text at the bottom saying: ‘Create a free website with Weebly’. You can use Weebly to make a website or blog and it is a bit more like in this respect as when you set it up you get three options for your new site’s web address. Have a sub-domain of Weebly, register a new domain, or use the Weebly software to install on a domain that you already own. Page rank will not pass on to your site because if you publish it at Weebly it will be a subdomain, unless you take the register a new domain option.

Wix is slightly different from others as you create a flash web site (instead of html). The web address of your “Wix” is not a simple one such as but When you publish your Wix you can either publish it at Wix’s site or as an email or get the embed code for your flash site. The only mention of Wix on your Wix site is on the right hand side where there is a little tab with the Wix logo on it. If you hover over it then it comes up with the option to grab this Wix. If you click on the ‘grab it’ button it gives you the embed code of that Wix site. Page rank should pass on to your site using Wix as your pages would not be at a subdomain.
Web Spawner looks as if it was made in the days of Windows 95 and so do the webpages you can make with it. With WebSpawner you can make one whole web site per user. So the web address of your first page would be You get ads at the top of your pages and a flashing advert for WebSpawner at the bottom. Page rank should pass on to your site using as your pages would not be at a subdomain. But with the ad at the top Google will see that as part of your site and this makes it poor for SEO purposes.

HubPages is very similar to Squidoo in that you only make the the main content for it but it still displays the HubPages logo and site navigation etc… The web address of your “Hub” would be so therefore the PR would pass on to your site.

My conclusion is that if you want a professional looking site with no ads and no big flashy ” THIS SITE WAS MADE WITH…!” ad then go with Weebly. I have tested Weebly out and it seems to be the best one as a place to make a free website. The themes look modern, the user interface for building your pages is very easy to use and there is only one small mention of Weebly itself on your web page, right at the very bottom. However, Weebly will not pass page rank to your main site through links.

If you are not interested in making a whole site and just want to publish your content/article (for example to get more incoming links to your main site) use either HubPages or Squidoo. With both you should get the page rank coming through from your hubs/lenses as the address of your hub or lens would not be a subdomain. I personally would use Squidoo just for the reasons that Squidoo is probably more well known than HubPages and also it has higher page rank.
Copyright (c) 2009 Sam Dyer

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