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A Need to Increase Your Website Traffic?

Are you looking for free website traffic methods? Or working to a limited budget?

TrafficFolder shows you ways to generate website traffic for free and actively seeks out and investigates new free and low-cost traffic methods, finding new techniques and tools to create traffic to your website. Traffic Folder is the culmination of ten years of research and trial-and-error work on no-cost and low-budget traffic building methods.

Advice: you won’t learn much by fast skim-reading a few of the how-to articles here then surfing off somewhere else and doing the same. You have to go against your instincts to click away and set aside a little time to actually find out something, and to think about how the techniques you learn here can be applied to your own site. (Then apply them!) Don’t be afraid to ask questions, either. If an answer is possible then you will get it here.

If you are relatively new to ways of generating website traffic, or your established site gets only a trickle of visitors, then you probably need to go to the basics of traffic generation first. If so, begin with the Website Traffic Starting Points category. Learn the basics, apply it to your site, then move on to the more advanced stuff available at Traffic Folder.

Bookmark Traffic Folder, subscribe to the rss feeds to keep up with new developments, and come back regularly to discover new ways to increase website traffic (as well as discovering the details of how to actually apply the methods you’ve already heard of but haven’t put into practice yet.)

Most of all, achieve your website goals by taking action and using what you learn here to propel your website to ever greater levels of traffic.



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